Category #13: Public Relations

Category: Public Relations (teams of two or three allowed)
Friday, Feb. 17, 2017
Time Allotted:
 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Farley 126.
Materials Provided: Scenario only.
Materials Needed: Laptop computers
Prohibited Materials: None. You are free to bring any materials and/or to use the internet.

Exercise: When you arrive at the competition room, you will be given a hypothetical situation. The situation will NOT be a crisis, but will be a situation that a fictional organization is facing or a challenge that it wants to take on.

For the hypothetical situation given you, address how you would approach the situation in a complete eight-step PR campaign/program/plan.

Type up your report with clearly labeled sections of your plan. For example, label “Situation,” “Research,” “Survey questions,” “Action tactics,” etc.

Note that grammar, spelling, punctuation and AP style errors will count against you.

Submission of final report: Email your report no later than 2 p.m. to

At the top of the report, put ONLY your contestant number (no names/universities). Entries with a time stamp later than 2 p.m. will be disqualified.


Your report must include the following:
I. Description of problem/situation/Research
State the situation
b. Research:
a. Secondary RS. Describe the secondary RS you would do. If you have time, actually do some SR on the topic of the campaign and provide the results.
b. Primary Research. Explain here what primary research you would conduct. Explain what you would research, how and what information you would hope to get. Write at least three sample survey questions you would administer.
c. Target publics. 
State who the TP will be.
d. Objectives
Write at least one objective.

II. Strategy
Explain your strategy and key messages.
Slogan: create one to call your plan.
c. Spokesperson. Will you have a spokesperson? If so, tell us why you chose him/her. If not, say why not.

 III. Tactics
Actions & Events: State what actions you would use and why. Explain when, where, and how the actions would occur and what would take place. Write up a schedule or program for one of the events. For example, might you have a walk or run? A rally? A seminar?
b. Communications
What is your communications plan? First, give your overall communications plan. List the communication methods you would use and explain why you chose them. Explain what mass media, social media or controlled communications you would use and how/why.

Briefly describe/list/explain what would be on the website for this plan and what it would be called.

Write a short news release announcing one of your tactics or your campaign and include a quote from yourself as the organization’s communications professional. Use AP style and format the news release the way it would look if you sent it out.

Write/illustrate three social media posts from two separate social media you would use. In other words, that will be six total posts. ** Schedule when and where you would post which item. Use your campaign slogan as a hashtag. For example:

Date Social media post
Oct. 3, Facebook post Are you ready? If you’re going out for a run, get ready by finding at least one buddy to run with you. This message is from the Ole Miss campaign about personal safety. #StaySafeRebels (Illustration of two female students jogging together.)

 IV. Budget/cost

List the items you would need to buy/rent/pay for and give a rough total cost. Don’t worry; all you have to do is estimate it. You will NOT be graded on how exact your amount is.

V. Timeline

State when you would begin planning, when your campaign would take

place, and dates of your events. This does not need to be very thorough.

VI. Evaluation

State how you plan to evaluate the campaign. Of course, you cannot really evaluate it; just state what methods you would use.