Category #6: Copy Editing

Category #6: Copy Editing
Friday, Feb. 17, 2017
Classroom Time Allotted:
12:15-1:15 p.m. Farley 121
Materials Provided:
Materials Not Provided but Needed: Colored pen/marker; AP stylebook; dictionary
Prohibited Materials: Contestants will not be allowed to access the internet during the test.
Assignment: Once in the classroom, contestants will be given a poorly written news or feature story of about 900-1,000 words. The story will feature anywhere from 30-60 mistakes. These may include:
– spelling, punctuation, grammar, number agreement, AP style errors
– factual errors (including misspelled proper names and/or titles)
– poorly placed or missing attribution
– typographical errors that a spell-check would not detect.

The contestants’ job is to correct as many mistakes as they notice, marking them in colored pen or marker, and then write a headline for the story of no more than 6 words.
Judging criteria: Number of mistakes corrected based on judge’s answer key and suitability of headline in terms of reflecting the news in the story and the facts included.