Category #9: Photo/Sports

Category #9: Photo/Sports
Materials Provided:
Materials Not Provided but Needed: Personal laptop, personal camera with zoom lens, personal laptop, USB cord/flash card/wireless software allowing for transfer of photos to laptop.
Prohibited Materials: None
Exercise: Contestants will cover the women’s basketball game between Ole Miss and Auburn on Feb. 16 at The Pavilion.
Contestants will leave from the Farley Hall SEJC registration desk at 7 p.m., OR meet the group at The Pavilion no later than 7:30 p.m. We will  have press credentials for all the photographers.
Assignment: Contestants have until 11 p.m. to capture, edit, tone, caption and submit no more and no fewer than three photographs from the game. The caption should be 1-2 sentences describing the who, what, when, where of the image. Captions are to be written in AP style.

They will title the three pictures with the number they were assigned, followed by a hyphen and the number 1, 2 or 3 (for example, a contestant assigned “8” will title their photos 8-1, 8-2 and 8-3).
They will email their pictures to
by 11 p.m. Thursday night. These files will be sent to the designated judges.
Websites:  Contestants are not required but are strongly encouraged to visit the following link prior to attending SEJC, and to read the information at the bottom of this post about covering Ole Miss games:

Judging criteria: Quality of the capture of action, reaction, focus on the subject(s) and/or facial expression, use of light, composition of image, relevance of image(s) related to the news involved.

2016-17 Ole Miss Women’s Basketball Media Information
Parking passes are not required for Ole Miss Women’s Basketball games. Members of the media are encouraged to park in the parking garage.
Photographers will be given floor passes and are expected to honor all sideline and baseline access areas. The respective bench areas, behind the bench areas and courtside in front of the scorer’s table are OFF LIMITS to all photographers. Strobe or flash photography is permitted only with permission from the Ole Miss Athletics Media Relations Office. Strobes must be mounted away from the court area.
Per NCAA rules, media are not permitted to have contact with a prospect or family members of a prospect during their visit (official or unofficial), including prospects in attendance at practice or games. In addition, media are forbidden from videoing or photographing prospects during their visit. Media are also asked to make every effort to keep distance from prospects on campus, including at practice, during pre-game activities on the sidelines and in the stands.
Complete pregame notes with team and individual statistics will be distributed to the media when entering The Pavilion at Ole Miss. Following the game, final and halftime box scores, play-by-play and postgame quotes will be provided. Pregame food service will be available approximately 60 minutes prior to tipoff.
The media workroom offers media a place to gather materials provided by the Athletics Media and Public Relations staff, write and submit stories, transmit photographs and participate in post-game press conferences. The workroom at The Pavilion at Ole Miss will be located in the southwest corner of the floor level through the visiting team tunnel.