2020 Winners

On-Site results

News writing – 

1st- Kenneth Niemeyer, University of Mississippi 

2nd- Christopher Alston, Georgia State University

3rd- Kathryn Farris, Lipscomb University

Feature Writing – 

1st- Emily Nicks, Harding University

2nd- Griffin Neal, University of Mississippi

3rd- Alexander Clark, Arkansas State University

Sports Writing- 

1st- Will Backus, University of Tennessee – Knoxville

2nd- Nathan Vaughan, Middle Tennessee State University

3rd- Evan Dorian, Belmont University

Arts and Entertainment writing – 

1st- Jasmine Barrow, Georgia State University

2nd- Kaitlin Maness, University of Louisiana – Monroe

3rd- Antonia Steele, University of Tennessee – Martin

Op-Ed writing – 

1st- Pradyot, Sharma, Troy University

2nd- Danielle Turner, Harding University

3rd- Hugh Plaisance, Nichols State University

Copy Editing – 

1st- Sarah Lawson, Belmont University

2nd- Ashlyn Dupree, University of Louisiana – Monroe

3rd (tie) Allie Justis, University of Tennessee – Koxville

Kenneth Lockett III, Georgia State University

Page Design/Layout – 

1st- Darian Bagley, Harding University

2nd- Hannah Blankenship, Mississippi State University

3rd- Daniel Payne, University of Mississippi

News/Feature Photography – 

1st- Gabi Szymanowska, University of Tennessee – Knoxville

2nd- Prajal Prasai, University of Louisiana – Monroe

3rd- Katie Roth, Samford University

Sports Photography

1st- Tyler Lamb, Middle Tennessee State University

2nd- Kenny Richmond, University of Tennessee – Knoxville

3rd- Jett Parker, Georgia State University

Radio news reporting – 

1st- Adam Cortez, Southeastern Louisiana University

2nd- Jerry Clark, Louisiana College

3rd- Will Stribling, University of Mississippi

Television news reporting

1st- Brady Talbert, Troy University

2nd- Megan Cole, Middle Tennessee State University

3rd- Matthew Hendley and Lydazja Turner, University of Mississippi

Television anchoring

1st- Madison Scarpino, University of Mississippi

2nd- Marissa Avnaim, Belmont University

3rd- Chris Rosato, Southeastern Louisiana University

Public relations campaign – 

1st- Parker Lee, Amelia Henson, Marisa Laudadio, Mississippi State University

2nd- Karsyn King, Sarah Biderman, Hannah Williamson, University of Mississippi

3rd- Tina James, Belmont University

Current Events quiz – 

1st – Ella Schalski, Mississippi State University

2nd- Rob Redel, Belmont University

3rd- Cat Thompson, University of West Alabama 

Media History/Law quiz – 

1st- Jason Repath, University of Tennessee – Martin

2nd- Hillary Nelson, University of West Alabama

3rd- Lauren Hawkins, Southeastern Louisiana University

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