Conference Registration

The SEJC 2017 conference will be in Oxford, Mississippi,

from Feb. 16-18.

REGISTRATION COST: $75 for students, $80 for advisers


To register for the conference and on-site competitions, use this link:

Students MUST register for the conference before they can sign up for an on-site competition category. Only one student per university per on-site category, with the exception of two team categories. Students enrolled in on-site contests must have their advisers’ approval.

If you have registration problems or questions, please contact SEJC President Patricia Thompson.


On-Site Competitions

Registration for the on-site competitions is part of the overall registration process.

On-site registration is capped at 12 students per category (with the exception of two team categories), so the earlier you register, the better your chances of participating.  Advisers will be asked to verify students representing their universities in the on-sites. Students, do not register for an on-site competition unless approved by your adviser.

There are 15 categories. We are working on details for all the categories, but we know that at least four categories (sports writing, arts & entertainment writing, sports photography, news/feature photography) will require students to be in Oxford by Thursday evening, Feb. 16. Those students will have the opportunity to cover some exciting, live events. Details TK.

 2017 categories

News writing, Feature writing, Sports writing, Arts & Entertainment writing, Op-ed writing, Copy Editing, Design/Page Layout, Photography (news/feature), Photography (sports), Radio News reporting,  TV anchoring, TV News reporting (1 or 2 students allowed on a team), Public Relations (1, 2 or 3 students allowed on a team), Current Events, Media ethics/history/law



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