2017 Onsite Competition Winners

NOTE: 32 universities registered for the 2017 SEJC conference.
21 universities and 177 students were represented among the onsite competition winners (some universities/students don’t participate in the onsites; they attend for the workshops, panels and Best of the South Awards ceremony).

Championship Teams
Ranked #1: Georgia State University
Ranked #2: (tie): Belmont University and Southeastern Louisiana University
Ranked #4: Samford University
Ranked #5: (tie): Louisiana Tech University, Middle Tennessee State University, Mississippi State University, University of West Alabama

News Writing

1st: Kaitlyn Englund, University of West Florida

2nd: Kailey Broussard, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

3rd: Brooke Robichaux, Southeastern Louisiana University


Feature Writing

1st: Lauren Booker, Georgia State University

2nd: Natalie Ragusa, Southeastern Louisiana University

3rd: Zach Gilchriest, Belmont University



Sports Writing

1st: Rashad Milligan, Georgia State University

2nd: Ashton Nix, Samford University

3rd: Rusty Ellis, Middle Tennessee State University



Arts & Entertainment Writing

1st: Connor Raborn, Southeastern Louisiana University

2nd: Sara Scannell, Belmont University

3rd: Charissa Ricker, Lipscomb University



Op-Ed Writing

1st: Kaitlin O’Dougherty, Mississippi State University

2nd: Andrew Fulmer, University of North Alabama

3rd: Will Ballard, Mississippi College


Copy Editing

1st: Melissa Kriz, Belmont University

2nd: Leah Cavalier, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

3rd: Ethan Steinquest, Austin Peay State University



Design/Page Layout

1st: Khoa Tran, Georgia State University

2nd: Weldon Fultz, University of West Alabama

3rd: Nicholas Davison, Xavier University




1st: Brian Blakely, Louisiana Tech University

2nd: Kate Sullivan, Samford University

3rd: Claudia Young, Arkansas Tech University




1st: Keion Hayes, Grambling State University

2nd: Sarah Dutton, Mississippi State University

3rd: John Morgan, Belmont University



Radio Reporting

1st: Jeremy Rhodes, Southeastern Louisiana University

2nd: Ayesha Abid, Georgia State University

3rd: Crystal Wilson, University of West Alabama



TV Reporting

1st: Hannah Dokkestul, Middle Tennessee State University

2nd: Julius Kizzee, University of Southern Mississippi

3rd place: Courtney Bruno and Amanda Kitch, Southeastern Louisiana University





TV Anchoring

1st : Samantha Kocan, Troy University

2nd: Breana Albizu, Georgia State University

3rd: Katie Inman, Middle Tennessee State University



Public Relations

1st: Kaylee Collier, Kara Craighead and Jaime Gelpi, Southeastern Louisiana University

2nd: Allie Tittle, Brianna Farley and Kaitlynn Beaird, University of West Alabama

3rd: Hanna McKerley, Jodi Sanders and Rennie Lindo, University of West Florida



Current Events

1st: Sam Chandler, Samford University

2nd: Riley Wallace, Belmont University

3rd: Troi Charity, Georgia State University



Media History/Law/Ethics

1st: Rebecca Arnold, Belmont University

2nd: Amber Harrington, Louisiana Tech University

3rd: Destiny Lattimore, Arkansas State University





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