2015 Winners

(HM = “Honorable Mention”)

1st University of Mississippi
2nd Belmont University
3rd University of Louisiana-Lafayette
4th (four-way tie)
University of Southern Mississippi
Lipscomb University
Middle Tennessee State University
Austin Peay State University
8th (three-way tie)
Samford University
University of Tennessee-Martin
Southeastern Louisiana University

NEWSWRITING (9 contestants)
1st Cory Woodruff, Lipscomb University
2nd Lauren Cottle, Austin Peay State University
3rd Holly Duchmann, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
HM Maranda Faris, Middle Tennessee State University

FEATURE WRITING (10 contestants)
1st Dylan Aycock, Middle Tennessee State University
2nd Kailey Broussard, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
3rd Jamie Gentry, University of West Florida
HM Grayson Hester, Belmont University

SPORTSWRITING (9 contestants)
1st Jordan Arceneaux, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
2nd Connor Grott, Middle Tennessee State University
3rd Alex Heard, Louisiana Tech
HM Sam Cowan, Belmont University

1st Nick Yacovazzi, Belmont University
2nd Sara Patrick, Southeastern Louisiana University
3rd Ashley Hinson, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
HM John Connor Coulston, Middle Tennessee State University

EDITORIAL WRITING (9 contestants)
1st Sierra Mannie, University of Mississippi
2nd Bethani Thomas, Mississippi College
3rd Riley Wallace, Belmont University
HM Jasmine Fleming, University of North Alabama

COPY EDITING (11 contestants)
1st Rebecca Arnold, Belmont University
2nd Sarah Parrish, University of Mississippi
3rd Halley Smith, Samford University
HM Yolanda Cruz, University of Southern Mississippi

NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY (11 contestants)
1st Cady Herring, The University of Mississippi
2nd Megan Endsley, Austin Peay State University
3rd Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay, Louisiana Tech
4th Ashleigh Winters, University of West Alabama

SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY (10 contestants)
1st Sydney Cromwell, Samford University
2nd Aaron Stewart, Southern Mississippi
3rd Sam Webb, Lipscomb University
HM Taylor Slifko, Austin Peay State University

PAGE LAYOUT (7 contestants)
1st Ellen Whitaker, University of Mississippi
2nd Kelsey Kershaw, Louisiana Tech
(3rd Katelyn Clark, Austin Peay State University)

RADIO NEWS REPORTING (4 contestants)
1st Ashleigh Burton, University of Tennessee-Martin
2nd Haleigh Ker, Lipscomb University

TELEVISION NEWS REPORTING (5 contestants/teams)
1st Sudu Upadhvay & Gabriel Austin, University of Mississippi
2nd Ariel Jallah-Norfleet, Xavier University of Louisiana

MEDIA ETHICS (5 contestants)
1st Kirk Bado, Belmont University
2nd Shawna Hicks, University of Mississippi

CURRENT EVENTS (5 contestants)
1st Courtney Martinez, Belmont University
2nd Payton Green, University of Mississippi

PUBLIC RELATIONS (7 contestants)
1st Mary Sergeant & Kara Davidson, University of Southern Mississippi
2nd Rachel Pennington & Miranda Bailey, University of West Florida
3rd Jordan Story, John McClung & Kadarrius James, University of West Alabama

ANCHORING (8 contestants)
1st Paul Rivera, Southeastern Louisiana University
2nd Blake Stevens, University of Tennessee-Martin
3rd Katherine Burgess, Union University
HM Callie Murphy, University of West Alabama

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