2012 Best of South and Onsite Winners

The Southeast Journalism Conference held its 27th annual convention at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, February 22-23, 2013.

176 students from 31 colleges were ranked in 30 categories as being among the “Best of the South” in the SEJC’s annual journalism awards competition. Southeastern Louisiana University took home Journalism Championship medals for the team effort in the onsite competition.

The SEJC competitions are open to the organization’s member schools from eight states — Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee —recognized in its constitution as eligible to enter the contests.

The purpose of the SEJC Best of the South contest is to function as a journalism teaching-tool, as well as a competition. All entries are given a rating, and judges are encouraged to provide comments and professional advice. The ratings and commentaries are given to each school’s faculty delegate to distribute to his or her students who enter, regardless of whether their entry won top recognition. A comprehensive list of this year’s winners is below. For any questions concerning the 2012 “Best of the South” Competition, please contact Traci Mitchell attlmitchell6@sa.ua.edu

The onsite competition puts student journalists’ talents to the test in competitions at the conference and awards individuals certificates and points for their school teams that accumulate to recognize one team as the Journalism Champions.

2012 “Best of the South” Winners

News Writer
1st (tie) Brian Wilson Belmont University
1st (tie) Christopher Whitten University of Memphis
3rd Michelle Corbet University of Memphis
4th A.J. Mercincavage Lynn University
5th Kaitlyn Byrne Mississippi State University
6th Ashley Chaffin University of Alabama
7th Tanya Giraldo Arkansas State University
8th (tie) Cole Avery University of Louisiana, Monroe
8th (tie) Emily West Middle Tennessee State University
10th LaToya Pickett Tennessee State University
Feature Writer
1st Lauren Ferguson University of Alabama
2nd Jessica Adkins Belmont University
3rd Amelia Krauss Union University
4th Gina Cherelus Florida A&M University
5th (tie) Hayley Blair Auburn University
5th (tie) Elizabeth Rose University of La-Lafayette
7th Caitlin LaFarlette Arkansas State University
8th Maya Jones Xavier University
9th (tie) Laura Apperson Georgia State University
9th (tie) Zachary LaSalle University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Arts & Entertainment Writer
1st (tie) Ashley Hinson University of La-Lafayette
1st (tie) Emma Herrock University of La-Monroe
3rd Cory Woodroof Lipscomb University
4th Mary B. Sellers University of Mississippi
5th Jane Horne Middle Tennessee State University
6th Courtney Boyd Georgia State University
7th Catherine Ragusa Southeastern Louisiana University
8th Caleb Hennington Arkansas State University
9th Te Duffour University of West Alabama
10th (tie) Jared Dowling University of Alabama
10th (tie) Ashley Gressett Mississippi College
Opinion/Editorial Writer
1st Chris Shattuck Georgia State University
2nd Chelsea Boozer University of Memphis
3rd (tie) Amie Rolland Louisiana Tech University
3rd (tie) Adam Quinn Samford University
5th (tie) John Jerome Thompson Arkansas State University
5th (tie) Clint Simpson Arkansas State University
5th (tie) Jasmine Mitchell Florida A&M University
8th (tie) Lyndsey Ruble Harding University
8th (tie) Katherine Burgess Union University
10th Phil McCausland University of Mississippi
Sports Writer
1st Eric Single Vanderbilt University
2nd Alex Hubbard Middle Tennessee State University
3rd (tie) Corry Mulligan Samford University
3rd (tie) DeRon Talley University of La-Monroe
3rd (tie) Austin Miller University of Mississippi
6th Alexis Hosticka Harding University
7th (tie) Matt Chaffin Harding University
7th (tie) Katie de la Rosa University of Louisiana, Lafayette
7th (tie) Caleb Odom Troy University
10th Marc Torrence University of Alabama
Special Events Reporter
1st Adam Mills & Colby Leonard University of Alabama
2nd Terah Boyd Georgia State University
3rd Rebecca Alvarez Louisiana Tech University
4th Kayla Paine Arkansas State University
5th Candace Barnette Mississippi State University
6th Anne Marie Van Casteren Lynn University
Press Photographer
1st Srdjan Marjanovic University of La-Monroe
2nd Rebecca Croomes Auburn University
3rd Joshua Vaughn Austin Peay State University
4th Ciley Carrington Grambling University
5th Austin McAfee University of Mississippi
6th (tie) Chris Honiball Vanderbilt University
6th (tie) Ashel Parsons Harding University
6th (tie) Patrick Duffy Georgia State University
6th (tie) Caitlin Trotter University of Alabama
10th Joseph Patrick Tennessee State University
News Graphic Designer
1st Christopher Martin Southeastern Louisiana University
2nd Aysha Johnson Georgia State University
3rd Alex Cline University of Tennessee
4th Christopher Do Middle Tennessee State University
5th (tie) Michelle McDaniel University of Louisiana -Monroe
5th (tie) Kalsey Stults Tennessee Tech University
7th (tie) Whitney Hendrix and Sarah Grace Moorehead University of Alabama
7th (tie) Ruth Augustin Lynn University
9th (tie) Kristen Ellender Nicholls State  University
9th (tie) Zack Orsborn Mississippi State University
News/Editorial Artist
1st Kelsey Hargrove University of La-Monroe
2nd Josh Clark University of Mississippi
3rd David Barrentine Arkansas State University
4th Christy Walker Austin Peay State University
5th Brandon Murray Troy University
Newspaper Page Layout Designer
1st Kristen Webb Vanderbilt University
2nd (tie) Anna Yang Georgia State University
2nd (tie) Holly Jay Union University
4th Marilyn Ferrell Georgia College & State University
5th (tie) Emily Roland University of Mississippi
5th (tie) Melody Kitchens Auburn University
7th (tie) William Housley Tennessee Tech University
7th (tie) Emma Crawford Mississippi State University
9th Lyndsey Ruble Harding University
10th (tie) Ross Landry and Erica Falgout Nicholls State University
10th (tie) Molly Bowman Louisiana Tech University
10th (tie) Kristin Jaggers Austin Peay State University
Magazine Page Layout Designer
1st Benjamin Hurston University of Mississippi
2nd Daniel Roth University of Alabama
3rd Chidozie Acey Florida A&M University
4th Elizabeth Cassada Samford University
Magazine Writer
1st (tie) Marc Torrence University of Alabama
1st (tie) Bracey Harris University of Mississippi
3rd Morgan Grain Florida A&M University
4th Allison Hubbard Samford University
5th Beth Byrd Union University
TV Hard News Reporter
1st Kristen Swilley Florida A&M University
2nd Chrissy Carter Southeastern Louisiana University
3rd Courtney Steele Troy University
4th (tie) Quinn Panganiban Tennessee State University
4th (tie) Gerard Manogin University of Mississippi
T4th Lauren Holt and Lauren Fulton Mississippi State University
TV News Feature Reporter
1st Baillee Majors Troy University
2nd Alvin Barrilleaux Nicholls State University
3rd Kelli Volk Tennessee State University
4th Aryeonne Johnson Georgia State University
5th Megan McKeown Mississippi State University
6th Brooke Bascle Southeastern Louisiana University
7th Niekeisha Pryce Florida A&M
8th Hannah Riley University of West Alabama
9th Lauren McLaughlin University of Mississippi
10th Tierra Robinson University of West Alabama
Radio News Feature Reporter
1st Janea Judge-Hemans University of La-Lafayette
2nd Liz Komoromi Lipscomb University
3rd Aria Aaron Florida A&M University
4th Blair Blanchard University of Louisiana, Lafayette
5th Wil Herrmuth Tennessee State University
6th Tiffany Logan University of Tennessee, Martin
7th Miya M. Jefferson Tennessee State University
8th Kelsey Rogers Troy University
Radio Journalist
1st Nicholas Andrews University of Mississippi
2nd Jessica L. Taylor University of La-Lafayette
3rd (tie) Bethany Meeks University of Tennessee, Martin
3rd (tie) Crystal Jordan Florida A&M University
5th Matthew Doyle Southeastern Louisiana University
Television Journalist
1st Ashley Bull Nicholls State University
2nd Chrissy Carter Southeastern Louisiana University
3rd Cody Long Georgia State University
4th Judson Garner Troy University
5th Kelli Volk Tennessee State University
6th Hannah Riley University of West Alabama
7th (tie) Stephen Quinn University of Mississippi
7th (tie) Kristen Swilley Florida A&M University
9th Nicolette Carney Lipscomb University
10th (tie) Chenelle Terry Samford University
10th (tie) Jesse Pope Mississippi State University
Advertising Staff Member
1st Sabastian Wee Georgia State University
2nd Kristen Saltzman University of Mississippi
3rd Lane Davis University of La-Monroe
4th Farrah Miller Mississippi State University
5th Rachel Montoya Southeastern Louisiana University
6th Channing Montgomery Grambling State
7th Kasey Strickland Samford University
8th Kaseril Suwaratan Troy University
9th Jen Hoffman Georgia College and State University
10th Bridgette Buchanan Tennessee Tech University
Journalism Research Paper
1st Anna Cox Samford University
2nd Lesley Rivers Southeastern Louisiana University
3rd Alicia Johnson Georgia State University
4th Kaley Winstead Mississippi College
Public Service Journalism
1st Vanderbilt University
2nd University of Memphis
3rd University of Alabama
4th University of West Alabama
5th Louisiana Tech University
6th University of Louisiana, Lafayette
7th Southeastern Louisiana University
College Audio News
1st Tennessee State University
2nd Georgia State University
3rd (tie) Lipscomb University
3rd (tie) University of La-Lafayette
5th (tie) University of Tennessee, Martin
5th (tie) Southeastern Louisiana University
College Video News
1st Southeastern La. University
2nd Troy University
3rd University of Mississippi
4th Georgia State University
5th University of West Alabama
6th Mississippi State University
7th Lipscomb University
8th Lynn University
9th Samford University
10th Tennessee Tech University
College Magazine
1st (tie) Samford University
1st (tie) Tennessee Tech University
3rd University of Alabama
4th (tie) University of Tennessee, Martin
4th (tie) Louisiana Tech University
6th Florida A& University
College Newspaper
1st University of Alabama
2nd Auburn University
3rd Vanderbilt University
4th University of Mississippi
5th University of Tennessee
6th Xavier University
7th (tie) Harding University
7th (tie) Georgia State University
9th Belmont University
10th Arkansas State University
College Website
1st University of Alabama
2nd University of Mississippi
3rd Harding University
4th University of Tennessee
5th Lynn University
6th Georgia College & State University
7th Louisiana Tech University
8th Vanderbilt University
9th (tie) Union University
9th (tie) Austin Peay State University
Multimedia Journalist
1st Margaret Ann Morgan University of Mississippi
2nd Aura Cruz Lynn University
3rd (tie) Autumn Allison Belmont University
3rd (tie) Nicholas Finch University of West Alabama
5th Alex Brown Union University
6th Jadaun Sweet Florida A&M University
7th Cheril Nathaniel Southeastern Louisiana University
College Journalist of the Year
1st Will Tucker University of Alabama
2nd Cole Avery University of La-Monroe
3rd Chrissy Carter Southeastern Louisiana University
4th Emily Roland University of Mississippi
5th (tie) Elizabeth Rose University of Louisiana, Lafayette
5th (tie) Cody Muzio Troy University
5th (tie) Brian Wilson Belmont University
8th (tie) Lindsey Blakely Arkansas State University
8th (tie) Patrick Boyd Louisiana Tech University
10th Becca Andrews Middle Tennessee State University
College Radio Station
1st Tennessee State University
2nd University of Tennessee, Martin
3rd Lipscomb University
4th Southeastern Louisiana University
5th University of Mississippi
College TV Station
1st (tie) Southeastern Louisiana University
1st (tie) Troy University
3rd Tennessee State University
4th University of Mississippi
5th Florida A&M University
6th Lipscomb University
7th Samford University
8th Georgia State University
9th Vanderbilt University
10th Mississippi State University

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