2016 Onsite competition winners

2016 Onsite Competition Winners

Category 1-Newswriting
12 participants
1st-Sean Keenan, Georgia State University
2nd-Drew Jansen, University of Missisippi
3rd-John Sadler, Louisiana Tech University
HM-Emily Greer, Mississippi College; Asia Burns, Samford University

Category 2-Feature Writing
12 participants
1st-Connor Raborn, Southeastern Louisiana University
2nd-Dylan Skye Aycock, Middle Tennesse State University
3rd-Rebekah Barnes, Louisiana Tech University

Category 3-Sports Writing
12 participants
1st-Sam Cowan, Belmont University
2nd-Matthew Emery, Arkansas State University
3rd- Taylor Rayburn, Mississippi State University

Category 4-Sports Photo
9 participants
1st-Logan Kirkland, University of Mississippi
2nd-Andrew Hunt, Belmont University
3rd-Fadi Shahin, University of Southern Mississippi
HM-Brooke Robichaux, Southeastern

Category 5-News Photo
12 participants
1st- Nina Kim, Belmont University
2nd-Erin Turner, Lipscomb University
3rd-Jade Johnson, Georgia State University
HM-Paige Ip, University of West Alabama; Meagan White, Middle Tennessee State University

Category 6-Arts Entertainment Writing
12 participants
1st-Jimmy Lichtenwalter, Samford University
2nd(ties)-James Banks, University of West Alabama; Nia Wilson, Mississippi State University; Chance Farmer, University of Tennessee Martin

Category 7-Op-Ed Writing
12 participants
1st-Sandra Camille Myrick, U of Southern Mississippi
2nd(ties)-Ashton Priest, U of TN Martin; Holly Baer, U of Mississippi
3rd-Matt Valcho, Louisiana Tech University

Category 8-Copy Editing
12 participants

Category 9-Page Layout
10 participants
1st-Caroline Callaway, U of Mississippi
2nd(ties)-Chelsea Pennington, Samford University; Tammy Hyunh, Georgia State
3rd- Weldon Fultz, U of West Alabama

Category 10-TV News Reporting
8 participants
1st-Callie Murphy, U of West Alabama
2nd-Jordan Reid and Dominique Brogle, Southeastern Louisiana University
3rd Gwendolyn Ducre, U of Louisiana at Monroe

Category 11-Radio News Reporting
10 participants
1st-Ashleigh Burton, U of TN at Martin
2nd(ties)-Anna McClure, Lipscomb University; Tyler Wayne Smith, U of Louisiana at Monroe

Category 12-Media Ethics
7 participants
1st-Will Tittle, Lauren Wilkins, Blake Barton; University of West Alabama
2nd-Jaylon Morris, Justin Redman, Zachary Whitehead; Southeastern Louisiana University
3rd-Olivia Ladd, Amanda Freuler, Brinley Hineman; Middle Tennessee State University

Category 13-Public Relations
8 participants
1st-Tori Olker, Victoria Lanza; University of Mississippi
2nd-Lyndsey Hayslett, Barriana Woods, Laura Crosset; U of TN Martin
3rd-Nicole Adams, Veronica Williams; Lipscomb University

Category 14-Current Events
9 participants
1st-Brooklyn Penn, Belmont University
2nd-Chuck Hammer, U of TN Martin
3rd(ties)-Afnan Beauti, U of Southern Mississippi; Emily Edwards, U of West Alabama

Category 15-Anchoring
10 participants
1st-Jordan Elston
2nd-Emily Proud, Belmont University
3rd(tie)-Tori Seng, U of TN Marting; Yvonne Thomas, Samford University

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