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A new advanced placement high school course at the center of controversy is now being offered in two Baton Rouge area schools.


The new A-P African American studies course is only being taught in sixty schools across the U-S.

Baton Rouge Magnet High School is one of them.

It’s a part of a trial process for teacher Emmitt Glynn the third’s class.

The course has been the center of controversy in recent months.

In Florida, Governor Ron Desantis led the charge in getting the A-P board to take content on critical race theory and the Black Lives Matter movement out of the curriculum.

Glynn, however, says there is still so much to be taught – such as the African Diaspora.

He said students will learn about the general history of the U-S through the lens of the African American experience.


The course also promises to give students the missing pieces that other classes may glide over, such as slavery playing a driving force in how the Constitution was shaped.


It’s a popular new show about zombies and fungal parasites, but in real life, the fungi that inspired the story in H-B-O’s “The Last Of Us” doesn’t cause problems for people, only insects.

However, experts say the threat from fungal pathogens IS increasing around the world.

In Today’s Health Minute, Mandy Gaither has more on the ones that could pose the greatest risk.



Google’s new artificial intelligent chatbot tool makes a mistake and it ends up costing the company billions of dollars.


In a demo posted on Twitter Wednesday, a user asked the bot Bard “What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my nine-year old about?”

Bard responded with several bullet points – including one that said it took the first pictures of a planet outside of Earth’s solar system.

However, the first picture of an exoplanet was actually taken in 2004 by the European Southern Observatory’s very large telescope.

Shares in Google’s parent company Alphabet dropped seven-point-seven percent Wednesday after Reuters first reported the inaccurate answer – which wiped 100 billion dollars off its market value.


Bard is not yet available to the public.


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